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Ocean Minds

Back to square one. Our third national lockdown here in the U.K. dreaming of the blue, my turbulent year continues.


Yet my spirits have remained high and the month of love is soon approaching. What better way to spread some ocean love than to reminisce on my journey into ocean science thus far. I have created an online space to share with you the undeniable beauty of the world’s oceans through my eyes and my fellow water people that I encounter along the way. By sharing my own experiences, perspectives and stories, I hope to inspire future generations to strive towards a world with healthy oceans. ​

My blog series 'Ocean Minds' is dedicated to showcasing the amazing ocean warriors I have met throughout my travels thus far and will continue with those who I meet in the future. Each one of these people has in some way inspired me and further fuelled my passion for marine conservation and science.

Find out how we met and what they are up to now. From conducting PhD's, to leading shark science, flying drones, national geographic explorers and all round epic ocean adventures. I hope our experiences and knowledge will provide you with inspiration, advice and encouragement to take the plunge, commit to that trip and unveil your inner explorer. Remember, perseverance, passion and positivity will get you to where you want to be.

So let's dive in together because for me, life begins underwater.

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