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Throughout my career I have enjoyed engaging with a variety of people from scientists to local communities, students and resort staff & guests.
My experiences have taught me that the ability to communicate effectively across disciplines fosters collaboration and innovation to produce more informed decision-making. It also helps motivate people so that they too fall in love with the ocean and want to protect it.
I have worked diligently to strengthen my scientific communication skills and I hope to create more visual content during my next endeavours to improve my engagement across a broad spectrum of audiences.


Empowering Women in Science


I currently work as an Editor for a global community created to inspire, connect and empower women in ocean sciences.

I believe that acknowledging the underrepresentation of minority groups within the marine world is crucial, because diversity in science is essential for excellence. Our role as scientists does not end with published research. It is vital that we unite to help change the narrative, continue to learn, inspire, connect and educate because we need EVERYONE to help with the fight to save our underwater world. 
I am proud to be a part of Women in Ocean Science and I am continually inspired by the incredible work and achievements of those in the industry. 
Below you can check out some of the amazing women I have been lucky enough to interview thus far.

Environmental Coastal & Offshore Magazine,



During my MSc degree I learned to translate complex scientific research into accessible language by publishing informative and appealing articles for ECO magazine. 

ECO Magazine is a marine science publication committed to bringing scientists and professionals the latest ground-breaking research, industry news, and job opportunities from around the world.

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Engagement in Cambodia


As a Marine Scientist for the Song Saa Foundation located in Cambodia, I work with a variety of people from local communities and environmental agencies to stakeholders.  We work in tandem to establish long term environmental goals that benefit all parties involved. Furthermore, we ensure independent governance of projects from the communities we help.

It is surprising how many Cambodian's have never been in the water, considering much of their coastline is surrounded by ocean. I think it is important to engage with the community and take the time to show them the wanders of their underwater world through presentations and videos so that they too fall in love with the blue and want to protect it. Many are intrigued, amazed and speechless at the beauty of their marine environment and I absolutely love showing everyone my camera footage after a dive and to see their faces light up as they watch.

We also engage with the local children through regular beach cleans to show them the importance of recycling and the impacts of plastic on their beautiful community. Single-use plastic is still a struggle in South East Asia.

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