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Image by Vlad Tchompalov


Coral Reef Ecology Course

I teach and train volunteers and interns through a Coral Reef Ecology Course designed to provide key scientific survey techniques & robust species ID skills to assess the health of coral reefs, seagrasses and mangroves. This involves a series of in depth lectures supported by in water practicals and numerous days out in the ocean! 

Once the students complete the course they are among the few people that collect vital data for the ongoing marine surveys that ensure the survival of Cambodian marine ecosystems. 

Turtle in the Reef
Butterfly Fish

Engagement Abroad

Whilst working in various locations around the world I always take the time to further my understanding of my surroundings by learning from individuals in the local community. I am always inspired by stories from the local Boat Captains, Divers, Educators, Fisherman, Chefs..... and anyone I talk too really!


I also offer to explain to individuals of all ages about the research we are conducting, the local marine environment and their inhabitants and the importance of conserving our oceans, through informative and engaging presentations and activities. My experiences have taught me that the ability to communicate effectively, share ideas and work together produce more informed-decision making in the long-term. 

Image by Benjamin Jones
Image by Francisco Jesús Navarro Hernánd
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