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About Me

Hey ocean lovers,

My name is Margaux Monfared and I am a Marine Biologist, Divemaster, Underwater Explorer and Science Communicator. Born with an exotic blend of Persian, Irish and English, I am no stranger to diversity and adventure.

My curiosity and passion for coral reefs has taken me on a journey across the tropics allowing me to refine my data collection and fieldwork skills while working in diverse reef environments. During my travels I have witnessed the heart-breaking mass mortality of these intricate ecosystems, observing phase shifts to algal dominant reefs resulting in reduced complexity, diversity and resilience of what once were bustling and vibrant underwater cities. I have an MSc in Applied Aquatic Biology and I am dedicated to increasing coral reef resilience to climate change through collaborative work, research, outreach and media. 


Currently I work as a Coral Biologist for Reefscapers based in Baa Atoll, Maldives, as well as an Editor for Women in Ocean Science, a global community created to inspire, connect and empower women in the marine sciences. 

I believe it is important to understand the role of a modern scientist. Therefore I have created an online space to share with you the undeniable beauty of the world's oceans and the problems they face through my eyes and my fellow water people that I encounter along the way. Our role as scientists does not end with published research. By sharing my own experiences, perspectives and stories, I hope to inspire future generations to strive towards a world with healthy oceans. ​

So if you are you finding it difficult to navigate the nomadic lifestyle, need some inspiration, advice and encouragement as you begin your process of securing your dream, this is definitely the place for you. I want to encourage you to plunge into the unknown and unveil your inner explorer, through perseverance, passion and positivity!

So let's dive in together because for me, life begins underwater.

Ocean Love,



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